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Hello fellow Muay Thai fighters, fans and coaches….

Thank you for visiting our website.   We have thousands Muay Thai practioners all over the world enjoying and incorporating our tips into their fight game.   We are proud to offer this free service to help fighters and coaches evolve and to add more special tactics to their over all striking game.

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  • Learn authentic Muay Thai by top trainers
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  • Learn How To Use Muay Thai For MMA
  • Learn how to get the “mental edge” and confidence a fighter needs for success
  • Sport specific physical conditioning tips that will have have your cardio through the roof
  • An instant video on “How To Wrap Your Hands” immediately after subscribing
  • Learn how to throw crippling leg kicks, vicious knees and elbows and crisp power punches


Please DO NOT join this list if you…

  • Are closed minded and set in your ways
  • Think you know it all
  • Do not want to step out of your comfort zone to become a better and learn more
  • Are too lazy to practice what we teach in the videos
  • Do not believe that the art continues to evolve
  • Are unwilling to learn special tactics because you “think” they won’t work
  • Are unwilling to learn Western Style Boxing to incorporate into your Muay Thai Game
  • If you are not DEAD SERIOUS about learning Muay Thai and are just a weekend warrior.

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Just put your e-mail address in the box and get instant access to your first video featuring the hand wrapping technique that trainers have been keeping a secret for decades!   This is the only legitimate hand wrap video out there.  Oh, and if you are a coach and want to learn more about how to Wrap and Tape your hands for Mauy Thai, Boxing or MMA competition, stay tuned and you will learn the “secret ninja” wraps that have been taught to us by legends like UFC cutman “Stich” Duran and Coban “The Cruncher”.   Hope you enjoy the first video!


Who Are We?

My name is Brad Daddis, owner of Daddis Fight Camps in Philadelphia, PA, Cherry Hill, NJand Hamilton, NJ.  Because the first video you will receive will be on “how to wrap your hands”, I will start with a bit about our credentials for being a “Wrap Man”.   We’ve been wrapping and taping our fighter’s hands for over 10 years.  We have guys competing at the highest levels of competition in both Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts, including Bellator fighters, UFC fighters, WKA Champions, Elite XC Champions and more.  We’ve never had a fighter break a hand or so much as injure a hand and it is attributed to the way we wrap our fighters hands!  I have personally learned from some of the best in the business including the likes of head cut man of the UFC, Jacob “Stitch” Duran, Master Toddy, Alex Gong and Jongsonan Fairtex, our Head Muay Thai instructor at Daddis Fight Camps, Coban “The Cruncher”.  Coban is a living legend with 270 fights with 250 wins! He’s has been shown the secrets that the Thai trainers have past down from generation to generation.   Because he has knowledge of the sport of MMA and has taped hands for MMA,  Coban and myself dedicated time to adapting his ways to find the best way to wrap and tape hands for MMA.    We’ve designed the master wrap!  You will feel like you have an iron cast on your hand!     Your hand will be a rock hard weapon while still keeping the hand flexible enough to grapple with during a fight!  We have produced many great fighters in both Muay Thai and MMA over the last 11 years and are yet to have a fighter injure a hand or wrist.  Remember, a fighter’s hands are their “money makers” and a fighter cannot afford to break a hand during a bout or fight.  And, if you are an MMA fighter or coach, remember that not only will you or your fighter not be able to punch, you will not be able to grapple with that hand as well.

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